Fuzed, Kilnformed Glass Studio
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Pyro Parties

Instructions:  How to create your own pyro party:

1) Explore our unforgettable experiences. 

2) Decide what brilliant friends you want to spend time with. 

3) Come into Fuzed, bring your food and drink,

4) Decide what you want to create

5) Walk out the door; no worry about the mess. 

Your group's creations will be fuzed and slumped,

Individually packaged and ready for pickup in 3 - 5 days.



Pyro Parties

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Make your own pyro party

Spending time creating with your friends is spectacular indeed.  At Fuzed, all it takes is a phone call!  You choose the friends you want to spend time with, you can pick a project or let them choose for themselves.  Bring your own food and drink and INSTANT PARTY!  Call 419-360-2845 to make your reservation.



  • No art experience is necessary to create something beautiful.
  • 3 hours of create time
  • Your choice of projects
  •  Lessons are fun!